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Total publications: 3979
Total number of publications starting with the letter V: 12
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Name of Article Title of Book/Journal
Vacant Parcel Inflames Residents Group Pushes Homes for Former Clinton Twp. Incinerator Site Officials Weigh How to Sell It  Detroit News  
Values, Markets, and Rights: Rebuilding Forest Ecosystem Assets  Building Natural Assets to Reduce Poverty, Safeguard the Environment, and Increase Environmental Justice Natural Assets, Democratizing Environmental Ownership-Conference  
Variable Justice: Environmental Standards, Contaminated Fish, and "Acceptable" Risk to Native People  Stanford Environmental Law Journal  
Variations in Susceptibility to Inhaled Pollutants  Variations in Susceptibility to Inhaled Pollutants  
Vietnamese Groups Groom Young Leaders  Times-Picayune  
Visions of History in the Hope for Sustainable Development  Buffalo Environmental Law Journal  
Voluntary Agreements in Environmental Policy  20th Annual International Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics  
Voluntary Facility-level Sustainability Performance Reporting: Current Status, Relationship to Organization-Level Reporting, and Principles for Progress  Pace Environmental Law Review  
Voluntary Siting and Equity: The MRS Facility Experience in Native America  Risk Analysis  
Volunteers, NIMBYs [Not in My Back Yard], and Environmental Justice: Dilemmas of Democratic Practice  Antipode  
Vulnerability and Disobedience: New Repertoires in French Environmental Protests  Environmental Politics  
Vulnerability, Equity, and Global Environmental Change  Understanding Global Environmental Change: The Contributions of Risk Analysis and Management; Global Environmental Risk - International Workshop  


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