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Model Report

Coatings Guide

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Model Abbreviated Name:

Model Extended Name:

Coatings Guide
Model Overview/Abstract:
The Coatings Guide is a free online information resource that focuses on alternative, low-emission coatings for metal, plastic, and architectural substrates. Developed cooperatively by the U.S. EPA's Office of Research and Development and Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International, its purposes are to provide unbiased information about coating technologies, focus attention on low-emission coatings, and help businesses deal with the cost considerations of switching to a new coating system. Technical assistance providers have used CAGE as a training tool. It is designed to be a one-stop shop for environmentally friendly coatings information on the Internet and provides several helpful tools for small businesses. These include:
  • An Expert System to help users identify drop-in or readily applied coating alternatives that may be best for them based on answers to questions about their particular processes.

  • A Coating Alternatives Information feature that summarizes information on over 30 generic coating types. For each coating type, users can find information about acceptable substrates, surface preparation, application methods, process considerations, curing, and performance.

  • A Cost Tool to identify and calculate the annual and capital costs of converting from one coating technology to another.

  • A Source Category References component, which is an Internet tool created to support New Source Review permit writers. The finder provides information on volatile organic compound and hazardous air pollutant emissions associated with a range of commercially available coating technologies.
Model Technical Contact Information:
Michael Kosusko
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Research and Development
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Air Pollution Prevention & Control Division, E343-02

The model was developed and is maintained by RTI International.

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Technical Requirements
Computer Hardware
PC, Web access
Other Software Required to Run the Model
Runs transparently on CAGE Web site. Cold Fusion is used in the program; end user does not need software.
Download Information
The model is proprietary and runs on a mainframe and/or workstation(s).
Using the Model
Basic Model Inputs
The model uses site-specific inputs based on the user's current coating operation.
Basic Model Outputs
Site-specific coating alternatives, preliminary annual and capital cost estimates.
User Support
User's Guide Available?
Documentation is imbedded in the source code and is accessible during use to the Coatings Guide.
User Qualifications
User needs only moderate level of technical education (e.g., high school education, understanding of their coatings operation, and no modeling experience).

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Summary of Model Structure and Methods
Expert system identifies site-specific coating options. Additional information about each option is available on the Web site for understanding of their applicability.

The model uses mixed U.S. and S.I. units.

Model Evaluation
At this time, the model's internal peer review has passed through internal technical peer and editorial review. All technical changes have been addressed as well as many editorial changes.

The model has been externally peer reviewed via extensive beta testing completed by coating industry experts and representatives of the user community.

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