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Model Report


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Model Abbreviated Name:

Model Extended Name:

Model Overview/Abstract:
The program facilitates fast & easy calculation of total annual dose from beta and photon emitters in water from pCi/l or Bq/cubic meter measurements. GBPcalc compares the total dose per year to the 4 mrem established as an MCL in the Radionuclides section of the Safe Drinking Water Act, Federal Register, December 7, 2000. The guideline for groundwater cleanup is also 4 mrem at sites where beta/photon radioactive contamination has occurred.

PLEASE NOTE, GBPcalc ver. 1.0 used effective dose equivalent values derived from Federal Guidance Report No. 11 (EPA-520/1-88-020, September, 1988). Radionuclides not listed in FGR-11 have been supplemented with values from Appendix B (Federal Register, July 18, 1991, p 33120). These values are not applicable to Safe Drinking Water Act, Federal Register December 7, 2000.

Model Technical Contact Information:
Stan Rydell, Ph.D.
U.S. EPA, Region 1
Telephone: (617)-918-1637

The model was developed and is maintained by Dr. Stan Rydell.

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Technical Requirements
Computer Hardware
486 PC with 64 MB RAM and 15 MB ROM.
Compatible Operating Systems
Windows 95, 98, NT, or later
Other Software Required to Run the Model
Visual Basic
Download Information
The model is publicly available from the U.S. EPA, Region 1.

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Summary of Model Structure and Methods
The model uses mixed U.S. and SI units.

Governing equations are solved numerically.

Model Evaluation

Moderate model testing (evaluation) has been performed.

Model has been internally peer reviewed (by U.S. EPA Region 1) and externally peer reviewed.

Other QA/QC activities include software Beta testing.

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