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AFS Facility Systems Policies

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The Air Facility System (AFS) contains compliance, enforcement and permit data for stationary sources regulated by EPA, state and local air pollution agencies. The following links provide information about the environmental policies that drive the data that are contained in AFS. See also the AFS Web page.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

AFS Information Collection Request (ICR) Supporting Statement - (4/17/14) (PDF) (255 KB)
Aerometric Information and Retrieval System (AIRS), Modifications to Implement the High Priority Violation (HPV) Policy - (4/20/99) (PDF) (74 KB)
Air Facility System Automatic Unknown Compliance Status Utility - (9/30/05) (PDF) (300K)
Air Facility System Business Rules Compendium - (11/23/11) (PDF) (7.16 MB)
Clarification for Reporting the Air Facility System (AFS) High Priority Violator (HPV) Discovery Date - (10/27/05) (PDF) (265K)
FY 2006 AFS Criteria for State & Federal Full Compliance Evaluations at Reporting Universes - (3/12/07) (PDF) (117K)
HPV Policy Letter to STAPPA/ALAPCO - (5/1/99) (PDF) (69 KB)
Minimum Data Requirements (MDRs) for CAA Stationary Sources Compliance - (5/26/09) (PDF) (29 KB)
Policy on Title V Permit Program Data Elements - (3/17/94) (PDF) (38 KB)




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