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Clean Energy Resources Database

Content last updated on 4/20/2009.

This searchable database describes key resources and documents relevant to the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, which addresses the following issues: Evaluation, Measurement and Verification; Energy Efficiency Potential Studies; Cost Effectiveness; Program Design and Implementation; Dynamic Rates; Resource Planning; Cost Recovery and Incentives; and Codes and Standards. The database also includes information on the following subjects: Funding and Incentives; Emissions Trading; State Management Best Practices; Air Quality; Clean Energy Supply; Local Government; and Portfolio Standards.

You can search the database and retrieve resources using one of three approaches:

  1. Search by selecting one or more Subject Area(s).
  2. Search by selecting one or more Subject Area(s) and refining your results by selecting one or more Search Topic(s) (on the next page).
  3. Search by Keyword alone or in combination with one of the above search options.

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